Today's Students, Tomorrow's Teachers

MPDE partners with teacher development program

MPDE is a proud sponsor of TSTT, a program designed to reverse the growing shortage of highly qualified teachers, particularly teachers of color. TSTT has a successful track record of improving student academic achievement, high school and college graduation rates, and teacher certifications. It has produced over 100 graduates who are now teachers and has a 100% placement rate.

MPDE partners with Multicultural BRIDGE.

MPDE is proud to affiliate with MB, an organization that shares the mission and diversity goals of MPDE. Their statement of purpose is: "We promote mutual understanding and acceptance among diverse groups serving as a resource to both local institutions and the community at large.  We serve as catalysts for change through collaboration. education, training, dialogue, fellowship and advocacy."

Career Opportunities, Collaborative Relationships

MPDE is committed to recruiting and assisting in producing career opportunities for future educators and administrators of color and forming collaborative relationships that will enhance staff diversity within our member school districts.

Future Teachers

Make a positive change and work with collaborative colleagues in a supportive environment. One contact puts you in touch with all our potential employers and on the path to a successful, gratifying career.

Recruit. Employ. Retain.

Why commit to teacher diversity? Because it improves outcomes for students, school districts, communities, and the nation. Work with us to recruit the best candidates, hire them, and retain them.

College Career Services

MPDE collaborates with college and career services professionals to identify superior minority teaching candidates for positions in Massachusetts school districts


To promote teacher diversity MPDE seeks to eliminate artificial barriers to teacher licensure and certification and expand reciprocity between Massachusetts and other states.