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Research shows...

Teachers of color serve as role models for students, giving them a clear and concrete sense of what diversity in education-and in our society-looks like. -Teacher Diversity Matters Center for American Progress

Joining MPDE

MPDE is a recruiting consortium of Massachusetts public school systems whose mission is to locate outstanding candidates of color for teaching, administrative, and support positions in member schools. MPDE communities are exceptionally supportive of public education, making these school systems among the best in the Northeast. Member communities differ in many respects, but each shares:

  • a commitment to excellence in education
  • a desire to provide equal educational opportunities to all
  • a commitment to increase diversity among their staff

More teachers of color would:

  • increase the number of role models for students of color
  • provide opportunities for all students to learn about ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity
  • be able to enrich diverse students' learning because of shared racial, ethnic, and cultural identities
  • serve as cultural brokers, able not only to help students navigate their school environment and culture, but also to increase the involvement of other teachers and their students' parents

Perspectives on Partnering with MPDE

"My experience has taught me, as an African American male in a predominately white school district, that one person can change minds, hearts and the spirit, bring about diversity within a school, and impact a community."
John Reed, history teacher and administrator, Barnstable

MPDE "...had their pulse on the needs of districts, and they were able to point me in a meaningful direction-to a job I was well-suited for."
Gloria Lee, Asst. Principal, Prospect Hill Academy, Somerville

"It has been valuable for us to partner with the MPDE because it is an organization that shares the same mission of diversity, while connecting our graduates with amazing opportunities to participate in the education of our younger generations."
Kristine Shatas, Asst. Director, Career Services, Stonehlll College

Career Opportunities, Collaborative Relationships

MPDE is committed to recruiting and assisting in producing career opportunities for future educators and administrators of color and forming collaborative relationships that will enhance staff diversity within our member school districts.

Future Teachers

Make a positive change and work with collaborative colleagues in a supportive environment. One contact puts you in touch with all our potential employers and on the path to a successful, gratifying career.

Recruit. Employ. Retain.

Why commit to teacher diversity? Because it improves outcomes for students, school districts, communities, and the nation. Work with us to recruit the best candidates, hire them, and retain them.

College Career Services

MPDE collaborates with college and career services professionals to identify superior minority teaching candidates for positions in Massachusetts school districts


To promote teacher diversity MPDE seeks to eliminate artificial barriers to teacher licensure and certification and expand reciprocity between Massachusetts and other states.