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About Us

The Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education is committed to recruiting and assisting in producing career opportunities for educators and administrators from diverse backgrounds, and forming collaborative relationships that will enhance staff diversity within our schools districts.

MPDE’s Mission:

  • A commitment to excellence in education
  • A desire to provide equal educational opportunities to all
  • A commitment to increase diversity among their staff
  • A desire to provide resources and support toward the increase of teachers of color

In addition, most of our member towns in metropolitan Boston are longstanding participants in METCO, a voluntary urban-suburban student transfer program for students of color. We at the Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education encourage you to learn more about obtaining employment opportunities through our organization. Openings are available in all academic areas and grade levels, and at all levels of experience and one contact will put you in touch for employment opportunities in all districts! If you believe it is important to make a positive change and work with the best in a supportive environment, we encourage you to submit your resume, or call a member school directly.

We invite other school systems to join MPDE in this collaborative effort to increase diversity in Greater Boston Schools. If your commitment to enhancing diversity in your district is a high priority, you can obtain membership information by contacting any of the officers listed below. Join us in our commitment to diversity in our public schools.

In Memory of John Reed

We’ve been saddened by the passing of John Reed a couple of weeks ago. John had a long-standing connection to MPDE under an earlier name, dating back to early recruiting efforts by the founder, Sam Turner, to identify educators of color for suburban school districts. John was a newly certified teacher in Boston when Sam succeeded in convincing him to accept a position on the Cape at the Barnstable Public Schools. Not only did John join Barnstable PS as a history teacher, where he taught or over 25 years, but extended this service by volunteering to continue to be the Barnstable MPDE representative. 


John’s contributions to MPDE throughout the years are too numerous to account for here and to other organizations, like the NAACP. I do want to mention, however, the incredible talent he had for drawing educators of color to Cape Cod school districts not only from within MA localities but also successfully from southern, HBCU colleges, a very challenging feat. His commitment to this mission was unquestionable as he made many of these contacts on his own when on his family vacation trips. 


John will be sorely missed. MPDE plans to pay tribute to John in a special way, the details of which will be announced as soon as plans are finalized. We ask all MPDE members, although many did not get to know John, to keep his wife and his family in your thoughts. 


Article in Cape Cod Times about John Reed