Watertown Public Schools Openings: Apply Today!

Watertown Public Schools

Katelyn Shelton, Recruitment and Cultivation Specialist
Amanda Owens, Human Resource Director

30 Common Street
Watertown MA 02472



Student Enrollment: 2717
No. of Staff: Approx. 605
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: about 40
Approximate No. of Paras/Aides Hired Each Year: about 12-18


Katelyn Shelton, Recruitment and Cultivation Specialist, Katelyn.shelton@watertown.k12.ma.us
Amanda Owens, Human Resource Director, Amanda.ownes@watertown.k12.ma.us

1 Early Steps Preschool, 3 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School, 1 High School

The Watertown Public Schools offers a unique learning environment that is intellectually rigorous and nurturing with small, responsive classrooms designed to ignite creativity while empowering student resilience and confidence. Located in the greater Boston area, the Watertown Public Schools currently has 2526 students enrolled in its preK-12 program within the Early Steps Preschool, three elementary schools, Watertown Middle School and Watertown High School. Of these schools, three are identified as school-wide Title I sites with more than 40% of the student population qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Currently, we have 600+ employees, and the District is governed by an elected seven-member School Committee. Watertown students explore and shape the world around them through a variety of innovative learning experiences and opportunities in a public school setting. Our student body is diverse, reflecting the ever-changing demographics of our community and our nation. Watertown serves a racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse student population, our largest historically marginalized student group is Latinx (19.1%) and over 45+ languages are represented among our families. Providing opportunities and removing barriers through our commitment to equity and inclusion serves as the foundation of our core values: Equity, Excellence and Community.

WPS VISION: Learning Together To Build A Better Future
WPS MISSION:WPS creates an equitable, challenging, and innovative learning environment where everyone belongs and every student is empowered to shape the world around them.
Equity: We value the unique contributions of each individual student in our diverse school community and are committed to identifying and removing barriers to success while aligning resources with needs.
Excellence: We commit to high expectations by providing appropriate levels of support to develop students’ confidence, independence, and resilience.
Community: We foster caring and collaborative relationships within an inclusive environment as the foundation for student engagement, achievement, and well-being.
WHEN we ground all of our practices in equity and
● cultivate belonging and social-emotional wellness
● challenge all students with rigorous instruction while providing appropriate levels of support
● create a learning community that provides authentic, relevant, and engaging opportunities
● utilize all available resources to address student needs
THEN our students will become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners who are resilient, confident, caring, intrinsically motivated leaders empowered to shape the world around them.

Q. What is it like to teach at Watertown?

Watertown is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, part of Greater Boston. The city offers a thriving community to live and work within. Diversity is integral to our identity with Watertown.

Q. What kind of support does Watertown offer new teachers?
Watertown public schools provides new teacher orientation, new teacher professional development, and a mentorship program.

Q. What general attributes does Watertown seek in new teachers?
Watertown public schools seeks passionate educators who are looking to make a difference in students’ lives. WPS is looking to hire teachers who possess attributes in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. We are also looking for educators who celebrate equity, diversity, and inclusion amongst our school community.
Join our family of educators, administrators, staff, students, and families who bring diverse skills and experience as we strive to become a premier innovative school district in Massachusetts.

Q. How does Watertown demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?

WPS strives to build a diverse candidate pipeline, partner with external organizations to promote equity and diversity, and ensure training for hiring managers around equitable hiring practices.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to Watertown?
If you would like to work in a school district that is innovative, diverse, and focused on your professional growth go to watertownps.tedk12.com/hire to complete an application today! Once you have applied please email Katelyn Shelton, Recruitment and Cultivation Specialist at katelyn.shelton@watertwown.k12.ma.us. Please include your resume, certification area, and a short paragraph about why you would be a great candidate for the role. We look forward to connecting with you!

Q. Is Watertown accessible by public transportation or commuter rail?

Public Transit Options near Watertown, MA
MBTA Green Line – Watertown is 2.3 miles away and Newton has multiple stops
Waverly Station (commuter rail) – Watertown is 1.2 miles away and Newton is 4.5 miles away
Belmont Station (commuter rail) – Watertown is 1.8 miles away and Newton is 5.4 miles away
Newtonville Station (commuter rail) – Watertown is 1.8 miles away and Newton is 1 mile away
West Newton Station (commuter rail) Watertown is 4 miles away and Newton is 1.3 miles away
Bus # 556 connects Newton , Newton Corner, and Downtown Boston
Bus # 558 connects Riverside, Pleasant Street, Newton Corner and Downtown Boston
Bus # 71– stops in and around Watertown connecting to Harvard Square
Bus lines 70, 70A and 71 – stops in and around Watertown
Bus lines 52, 59 and 558 – stops in and around Newton

Connecting Bus Service at Watertown Yard
52 – Dedham Mall or Charles River Loop – Watertown Yard via Oak Hill & Newton Center
57 – Watertown Yard – Kenmore Sta. via Newton Corner & Brighton Center
502 – EXPRESS BUS Watertown Yard – Copley Sq. (St. James Ave. at Dartmouth St.) via Newton Corner & Mass. Turnpike
504 – EXPRESS BUS Watertown/Newton Corner – Downtown via Mass. Turnpike