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Monica Visco
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
40 Kingsbury St., Wellesley, MA 02481

Student Enrollment: 5,500
Staff Employment: 1,200
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: 40
Approximate number of paraprofessionals/instructional aides hired annually: 50 (but fluctuated on the high side in school year 2018-2019 – hired 90)
Accessible via public transportation? Yes. Wellesley is accessible by the commuter rail.

Monica Visco
Director of Human Resources

Wellesley Public Schools aspires to be a school system that develops the heads, hearts and hands of its students by inspiring them to:

  • Think critically and solve problems                              
  • Engage locally and globally
  • Create and Innovate*Respect human differences
  • Communicate, collaborate, and challenge inequities
  • Attend to their physical, social and emotional health

We have over 5500 students: 1400 of our students are students of color.We have seen a major increase in our ELL student population.

We are committed to investing in our educators.Our professional development opportunities allow educators to select from a menu of courses.Some of the course highlights this past year were courses in cultural proficiency, project based learning, sheltered English Immersion/RETELL certification and technology.

Q. What is Wellesley like to work and/or live in?
Our community realizes the value of the Wellesley Public School system.It is a well-funded, high functioning school district. The teachers and community are very committed to the school system.We have a low educator turnover rate.

Q. What kind of support does Wellesley offer new teachers?
We have a professional development director who is committed to supporting new teachers.All new teachers are offered a mentor and the mentoring program is monitored by the professional development director.

We have a very generous professional development program.Wellesley Public Schools has literacy and math coaches at all levels.Unlike many other school systems, our department heads are level specific.An example of this is that we have 3 math department heads.One at the elementary level, one at the middle school level and one at the high school level.This structure allows excellent support in the academic areas.

Q. What general attributes does Wellesley seek in new teachers?
We look for teachers who are team oriented, collaborators. We are a district that is constantly changing and innovating.We seek candidates who are flexible and reflective practitioners.

Q. How does Wellesley demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?
Two years ago we hired a consulting group to analyze the racial climate in Wellesley.We developed a Diversity Equity Leadership Council (DELC) to move the work forward.Some of the work that we have accomplished so far is the development of a grant program to assist employees of color pass the MTEL.This will allow internal promotion.In school year 2019-2020 will we develop affinity groups.

To increase the diversity of our staff, we attend diversity job fairs and advertise in diversity newspapers.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to work at Wellesley?
We post all of our job on SchoolSpring. We ask our interviewees to do a mock lesson as part of the interview process.  Applicants should be prepared to do a mock lesson.