Andover Public Schools

Katie Conley
Assistant Director of Human Resources
36 Bartlett Street
Andover, MA 01810


Student Enrollment: 6,000
Staff Employment: 1,000
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: 30-45

Katie Conley
Assistant Director of Human Resources

Andover has 10 schools including a preschool, five elementary schools, three middle schools, and one academic high school.  The school community’s core values include rigorous academic standards, inclusion of all students in the curriculum, and the development of social emotional competencies at all levels.

Andover’s demographics have been rapidly changing over the last decade.  We now boast of a student population that includes over 60 countries and over 40 languages. One of our roles as educators is to learn about these different cultures and teach in a way that is culturally inclusive and celebratory. Our goal is to create a learning environment that reflects and honors the many abilities and cultures of our students.

Located just south of the New Hampshire border, and highly accessible from Metro Boston via Routes 495, 93N and Rt. 128, the community of Andover prides itself as one of the highest performing school districts in the state of Massachusetts.

Q. What is the mission of Andover Public Schools?
The mission of the Andover Public Schools, in partnership with the entire Andover community, is to educate by engaging and inspiring students to develop as self-reliant, responsible citizens who are thinkers, problem solvers, and contributors prepared to participate in an evolving global society. We encourage all of our students to think creatively, to ask the tough questions, to delve deeply into research utilizing the latest technology, to communicate in a variety of media and to collaborate with peers and adults.  We go well beyond the mandated curriculum to develop each student’s individual academic, artistic and athletic potential, while developing a moral compass that will guide him/her beyond high school.

Q. What is it like to teach in Andover?
Teaching Andover teachers benefit from a collaborative and supportive professional culture.  All new teachers participate in an intensive year-long mentoring program with veteran teachers.  Additionally, teachers participate in system-wide professional development programs.  Recent focus has included improving student literacy and expanding classroom libraries; tending to the social and emotional growth of students, preK-12; and deepening staff’s expertise in the area of  cultural competency.  We recognize that educating our children to be part of a global community requires tolerance and open-mindedness, appreciation of the richness of diverse cultures, and respect for multiple abilities and perspectives. The professional development and curriculum development work we are engaged in offers significant opportunities for helping us achieve those goals.

Q. Where can I learn more about teaching in Andover?
Andover has been a long-standing and proud member of the Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education (MPDE) recruitment consortium.  We make a concerted effort to hire teachers that bring to our students richly diverse life experiences and perspectives. We participate in the annual MPDE recruitment fair and encourage job seekers to spend a few minutes with Andover representatives learning about the rewarding professional opportunities we can offer educators. Job seekers may also learn about current opportunities by visiting our website at  Positions are also posted on SchoolSpring.