Westborough Public Schools

Lynn Hurley
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 

45 West Main Street, Suite 317
Westborough, MA 01581 
Fax: 508.836.7704

Student Enrollment: 4,000
Staff Employment: 800+
Approximate number of teachers hired annually:
20-50 permanent and long-term substitute teachers
20-40 permanent and long-term paraeducators

Accessible via public transportation?
Yes. The MBTA Framingham/Worcester commuter line stops in Westborough. We also have a program called: “Via” which provides microtransit in Westborough for $2.00 with access from an App to manage a ride.

Westborough Early Childhood Center (106 students)

Elementary Schools (K-3)
Armstrong Elementary School (372 students)
Fales Elementary School (323 students)
Hastings Elementary School (376 students)

Intermediate School (Grades 4-6)
Mill Pond Elementary School (866 students)

Middle School (Grades 7-8)
Gibbons Middle School (622 students)

High School (Grades 9-12)
Westborough High School (1178 students)

Post High School (18-22 year-olds program)
The BORO Program (Bridging Over to Right Opportunities)
(9 students)

Amber Bock

Tammy Costello
Director of Human Resources

Lynn Hurley
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 


The Westborough Public Schools educate approximately 4,000 students from Pre-K through age 22. We are an innovative, supportive, and high-performing district whose stellar staff provides high quality services for our diverse students and their families. We are home to families that speak almost 30 different languages and our student population is approximately 49% Students of Color and 51% White students. With a graduation rate of 97% and 90% of our students attending post-secondary schools, we are proud of our commitment to excellence in educating students to be informed and successful citizens of a global world. With strong community support, in addition to our academics, we have excellent programs in music, drama, sports, STEM, and 100+ extracurricular clubs, as well as a commitment to wellness for our students and staff. We enthusiastically welcome educators to our district who seek to thrive in a diverse environment that focuses on the whole child in a strengths-based approach.

Q. What is it like to live/teach in Westborough?

The town of Westborough was incorporated in 1717 as the 100th town in Massachusetts. Since that time it has grown from a settlement of orchards and dairies into a dynamic community with a healthy mix of residences, wooded trails, lakes, and industry.

Westborough is located 12 miles east of Worcester and 29 miles west of Boston. The town’s commuter rail station provides easy access to Boston and Worcester. At the intersection of the Mass Pike, Route 495, and Route 9, Westborough is well-situated for commuting from a variety of areas.

Westborough’s 18,000+ residents are strong supporters of the public schools. Governed by Town Meeting, the residents consistently vote to fund the schools in a way that is both fiscally responsible and that allows our district to grow and innovate.

Westborough is home to Westborough Connects, a grass-roots, community organization that is “… focused on building a more-connected and kind community where everybody feels like they belong. Often in partnership with others, Westborough Connects creates opportunities to support and celebrate the diversity, spirit, and character of Westborough through programs and events that are community-based, strengths-based and dedicated to connecting people to resources and each other….” To learn more about Westborough Connects, please visit their website to see the programs they have run, to view their Racial Justice Toolkit, and more. Westborough Public Schools are proud to partner with Westborough Connects on many programs and events.  https://www.westboroughconnects.org/

Q. What kind of support does Westborough offer new teachers?
All new teachers are assigned to a mentor, typically someone in their school in the same grade/discipline. Additionally, for two years there are monthly meetings for new teachers during which district and school-based staff provide professional development, support, connection, and problem-solving opportunities. Additionally, for PK-6, there are Curriculum Coordinators in Math, English/Language Arts,  Science, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional Learning who provide coaching and support for new and veteran teachers alike. In grades 7-12, there are department heads in all areas who provide coaching and support. WPS also has a generous tuition reimbursement program for continued professional development and offers a great deal of in-house, free professional development opportunities.

Q. What general attributes does Westborough seek in new teachers?
Westborough Public Schools seeks candidates:

  • who reflect our student body and community;
  • whose belief in a growth mindset for students and staff alike results in reflective practice, innovation, and a determination to reach all students;
  • who understand that relationships are central to our work with our students and colleagues; and
  • who strive for excellence in themselves, their students, and their schools

Q. How does Westborough demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?
In our Five-Year Strategic Plan, Westborough Public Schools identified increasing our teacher diversity as a key component of how we will measure our success as a district. We are refining and expanding our recruitment practices as well as our support systems for educators of color. We have offered and will continue to offer numerous courses and workshops on cultural proficiency to support our educators of color and to strengthen and grow our base of white allies who understand the impact of race in schools and in society.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to Westborough?
Candidates are encouraged to highlight the unique skills/experiences that will set them apart from other candidates. For example, we actively seek candidates who are bilingual or who may be dually certified in general education and ESL and/or special education. Candidates who have experience in diverse school/life settings and who have experience with innovative instructional practices such as project-based learning, incorporating social-emotional learning into their instruction, and/or who can share how they create equitable learning experiences for their students are highly valued.

Westborough is hiring!  
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