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Melrose Public Schools

Nyra Hall
METCO Director
10 Ditson Place
Methuen MA 01844


Student Enrollment: 4,000 No. of Staff: 450
Approximate No. of Teachers Hired Each Year: 25-35
Approximate No. of Paras/Aides Hired Each Year: 25
Accessible by Public Transportation or Commuter Rail? Yes

Nyra Hall, METCO Director

Melrose is a district undergoing much change. Our population has grown by over 400 students in 5 years. Additionally, the population is getting more diverse. We also have a longstanding METCO program. Lastly, we are a district engaged in a major shift in how we teach and learn, moving to a personalized learning approach grounded in student choice and voice and based in universal for design and social emotional learning practices.
Melrose currently has partnerships with 12 colleges/universities/institutes of higher learning. We undertook this commitment as we are hoping by providing practicum opportunities for educators who would not necessarily Melrose would come to know us and choose to apply for a job. We also work with paraprofessionals to pursue teaching careers, as some of our diverse community members use para positions as a first step into a teaching career. For the past five years, Melrose has been purposeful in providing all staff and students ongoing education in cultural awareness and responsiveness to build a culture of respect and support for all our members.

Q: What’s Melrose like to work and/or live in?
Melrose is a lovely small city on three commuter lines that contributes to a parent population that is predominantly professionals who support our schools. We have a community organization that has 1000 volunteers who are available to the schools in different capacities. The expectations and standards are high for our students and staff. The district has a commitment to a growth mindset for all and provides year round robust professional development for our staff. The staff focus on building relationships with our students and provide multiple opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Q: What type of support do you offer new teachers?
We provide a two-year induction program that is led by other teachers and mid-level administrators. Additionally, new staff have a building mentor. At the elementary level, instructional coaches and building based elementary instructional leaders provide support. At the secondary level, directors and content facilitators provide support for 6-12 staff.

Q: What general attributes does Melrose seek in teachers?
We are looking for someone who is flexible, adaptable, and believes in student centered instruction. We are looking for someone who is open to evolving with the district as we explore personalized learning and competency based education.

Q: Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to Melrose?
We do not take paper resumes. All applications are through School Spring. Visit our website at which provides a link to each school and information about our curriculum and community and student activities.