Greater Lawrence Technical School


Please apply directly through SchoolSpring using the Job ID number below. Positions shall remain open until filled.

  • SY 22-23 School Social Worker/School Adjustment Counselor Job ID Number: 3812101 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 School Counselor (Guidance Counselor)
    Job ID Number: 3812113 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Auto Collision and Repair Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3812155 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Health Assisting Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3812163 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Math Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3812181 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Cosmetology Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3812208 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Landscape Construction Instructor (2)
    Job ID Number: 3812280 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Plumbing Instructors (2)
    Job ID Number: 3812288 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • Trainee Support Specialist
    Job ID Number: 3812324 (Salary: Grant funded)

  • SY 22-23 Part-time Evening Programs Coordinator Job ID Number: 3812338 (Salary: Grant funded)

  • SY 22-23 Environmental Science & Technology Instructor Job ID Number: 3812805 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 22-23 Biotechnology Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3812311 (Salary: Grant funded)

  • Administrative Assistant
    Job ID Number: 3812658 (Salary: Per Clerical CBA)

  • Director of Child Care
    Job ID Number: 3812793 (Salary: Per MAPSA CBA)

  • Long Term Substitute – Biotechnology
    Job ID Number: 3812828 (Salary: Long Term Substitute Rate)

  • Metal Fabrication Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3813395 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  •  SY 22-23 Business Technology Instructor
    Job ID Number: 3846509 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 2022-2023 Science Teacher (Biology/Chemistry) Job ID Number: 3845349 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • SY 2022-2023 Robotics and Automation Instructor Job ID Number: 3840112 (Salary: Per Teacher’s CBA)

  • Outside Maintenance/Custodian
    Job ID Number: 3845158 (Salary: Per Custodian’s CBA)

  • Long Term Substitute – Special Education Paraprofessional Job ID Number: 3844718 (Salary: Per Paraprofessional’s CBA)

  • School Security
    Job ID Number: 3844738 (Salary: Per Paraprofessional’s CBA)

  • Director of Language, Culture and Equity
    Job ID Number: 3845260 (Salary: Per MAPSA CBA)

  • Library Technical Services Assistant
    Job ID Number: 3845298 (Salary: Per Paraprofessional’s CBA)

Greater Lawrence Technical School

Janice Ayala
Human Resources Coordinator
57 River Road, Andover, MA 01810
978-686-0194 ext. 1015

Student Enrollment: 1,641
No. of Staff: 260
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: 10-20 (depends on retirements/new programming)
Approximate No. of Paras/Aides Hired Each Year: 2-3
Accessible by Public Transportation or Commuter Rail? Yes


Janice Ayala
Human Resources Coordinator

We serve four (4) communities Lawrence, Methuen Andover and North Andover. We are vocational high school that has over 20 vocational programs.


Core Values
Growth Mindset: Through continued effort, hard work, and reflection, we learn, develop, grow and excel. Everyone has the capability to grow their intelligence and character
High Expectations: All members of the GLTS community will consistently challenge themselves and others to raise standards and improve performance
Supportive Environment: By removing barriers and providing an equitable education, all members of the GLTS community will have the supports they need to learn, develop and grow.
Lifelong Learning: Continuous learning by all throughout school, career, and personal life.



A fully integrated school that teaches our students the transfer and application of knowledge and skills, empowers them to be self-reliant and to advocate for themselves, and supports the belief that they have control over future success.


Q. What is the mission of Greater Lawrence Technical School?
Preparing students for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Q. What is it like to teach at Greater Lawrence Technical School?
Collaborative and supportive

Q. What kind of support does GLTS offer new teachers?
4 day – New Teacher Orientation (Induction) it is teacher led including monthly follow up sessions

Q. What general attributes does GLTS seek in new teachers?
Teachers that are committed to grow and learn and have connections to our core values and lifelong learning. Problem solvers – committed to interested in working with students from an urban district. Strong belief in Vocational Education. Commitment to work with multi – lingual learners.

Q. How does GLTS demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?
By joining groups like this one and posting job openings in a diversity platform.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying?
Ensure you have updated resume/references. Include any additional information we should consider in application, cover letter. Research our school community to ensure it is a good fit.