Lowell Community Charter PS (LCCPS)

DEI Progress in LCCPS - Press Release

This is a wonderful example of what and how a school can advance academic performance through equitable and inclusionary practices across many diverse populations in a school.
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Lowell Community Charter PS (LCCPS)

Robert J. Gignac
Chief Operating Officer
206 Jackson Street
Lowell, MA 01852

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Student Enrollment: 800    
No. of Staff:150
Approximate No. of Teachers Hired Each Year: 6
Approximate No. of Paras/Aides Hired Each Year: 15
Accessible by Public Transportation or Commuter Rail? Yes

Robert J. Gignac, Chief Operating Officer

At Lowell Community Charter Public School, we believe in raising the bar of educational excellence. We recognize and value the essential role of our teachers in helping all students to achieve their maximum potential.

Q:  What’s Lowell like to work and/or live in?
The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Lowell is a historic mill-town rich in diversity. Lowell has an active arts and culture scene and has many festivals and cultural celebrations throughout the year. Lowell is home to the Lowell National Historical Park, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Tsongas Center, Lowell Memorial Auditorium and Merrimack Repertory Theater.

Q:  What type of support do you offer new teachers?
Teachers new to the profession or teachers new to LCCPS are assigned a mentor for their first year. Newer teachers are assigned a Math and Literacy coach who help them plan for their instruction. Grade level teams meet with Chief Academic Officer to review curriculum on a bi-weekly basis. Teachers are observed formally and informally by their principal and assistant principal and provided feedback on; classroom management, student relations and instructional practices. Teachers are provided professional development which may include instructional strategies, curriculum, school culture or cultural competency. New teachers are provided with a 2 week of new teacher orientation prior to the new school year. All returning teachers join new teachers during their 2nd week for teacher orientation.

Q:  What general attributes does LCCPS seek in teachers?
A teacher who has respect for students. , who creates a safe and positive learning environment, sets and maintains high expectations for all students. A teacher who maintains professionalism in all areas, who collaborates with colleagues on an ongoing basis. Teachers who possess a growth mindset, excellent communication skills.

Q:  Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to your district?
Visit our website at www.lccps.org