Chenery Upper Elementary School 


The District seeks an inspiring leader to provide sound educational direction, both at the building and district level. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to cultivate and sustain excellence in teaching, imagine and implement innovative instructional strategies, communicate effectively and consistently with the community, and advocate for continuous improvement within the school and the district.

Requirements: Master’s degree, MA Principal Certification or eligibility, elementary/middle school teaching experience. Prior experience in an administrative role preferred.

Start date:  July 1, 2024. 

Competitive salary and benefits.

Please apply online at

Belmont Public Schools

Chon’tel Washington
Director of DEI
644 Pleasant Street, Belmont MA 02478

Student Enrollment: 4,400
No. of Staff: Approx. 650
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: In the past two years, we have hired about 40 per year. This was also our pre-COVID annual average (2016-2019)

Approximate No. of Paras/Aides Hired Each Year: In the past two years, we have hired about 40 per year. Our pre-COVID annual average (2016-2019) was about 35 per year (increasing each year).
Accessible by Public Transportation or Commuter Rail? Belmont is accessible by MBTA bus routes from the Alewife subway station (Red Line) and surrounding communities (e.g., Cambridge, Watertown). The Fitchburg Commuter Rail line stops in Belmont Center.

Chon’tel Washington
Director of DEI

Belmont Schools Mission:

With a commitment to teaching and learning, the Belmont Public Schools strive to nurture the knowledge, skills, and emotional development of each student in order to create a community of engaged learners who contribute to the common good and are of service to others.


About Belmont Public Schools:

BPS serves students and families in Belmont and a small number of students who come to BPS from Boston through the METCO program. BPS comprises 6 schools, including 4 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School, and 1 High School. BPS enrolls 4,378 students and employs 538 staff. The FY23 budget is $67,000,000.


District Make Up:
● BPS currently comprises 7 schools
● Student enrollment is approximately 4,400.
● The district employs approximately 530 teaching staff, plus 120 administrative and
support staff.
● The BPS FY23 Operating Budget was $67,000,000.
● BPS has one school committee with 6 elected members who work collaboratively with
the superintendent.
● Current BPS composition: High School grades 9-12 (~1,450 students); Middle School
grades 7-8 (~650 students); Upper Elementary School grades 5-6 (~700 students);
Elementary Schools grades K-4 (4 with ~1,600 total students, average 400 students per
● In 2024-2025, fourth grade will be moved to the Upper Elementary School.


Belmont District Highlights:
● High student achievement.
● Belmont High School consistently ranks among the top 15 high schools in
● 99.7% high school graduation rate (Cohort 2021 Graduation Rate Massachusetts
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education).
● Butler Elementary School named National Blue Ribbon School for Exemplary High
Performance in 2016.
● Great School Committee relations.
● The Belmont Middle High School campus is nearing the end of a multimillion-dollar,
445,100 square foot, state-of-the-art new construction project.
● The current population of the town of Belmont is approximately 28,000 and it is situated
8 miles from Downtown Boston.
● Median household income $151, 502 (in 2021 dollars), 2017-2021 (US Census).


Q. What is it like to teach at Belmont?

The 4.7 square mile suburban Town of Belmont is an increasingly diverse small community in the heart of the Greater Boston Area, sharing a border with Cambridge and situated only eight miles from downtown Boston. Belmont is a predominantly residential town and home to approximately 28,000 residents.

Q. What kind of support does Belmont offer new teachers?
Belmont is dedicated to providing a robust support system for new educators, ensuring a seamless transition into our educational community. Our commitment to educator growth and professional development is exemplified through the following initiatives:
– Mentoring Program: We have established a comprehensive mentoring program designed to facilitate your integration into the Belmont educational community. Our experienced mentors will guide you through the intricacies of our district and offer valuable insights into effective teaching practices.
– Three-Day Orientation/Onboarding Process: To kickstart your journey with us, we provide a thorough three-day orientation and onboarding process. This program is meticulously designed to familiarize you with our district’s culture, policies, and resources, ensuring you feel confident and prepared from day one.
– Professional Development Opportunities: We recognize that continuous learning is pivotal to your professional growth. In Belmont, we offer a wide range of high-quality professional development opportunities, including:
– Professional Development Meetings: These meetings, led by Principals, Directors, and Curriculum Specialists, concentrate on district, school, and program goals, as well as strategic initiatives. They provide a platform for collaborative learning and alignment with our educational objectives.
– Professional Development Courses: Our educators have access to a variety of courses, seminars, workshops, and study groups.
– Tuition Reimbursement: The district offers tuition reimbursement for teachers and professional aides who take courses approved by the district.

Q. What general attributes does Belmont seek in new teachers?
Expanding representation in our workforce not only helps us to better reflect the racial and cultural diversity of our students, but it is also important for us to attract equity-minded educators who can truly understand and relate to students’ experiences, views, and nuanced understandings.

Q. How does Belmont demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?
Belmont is steadfastly committed to investing in anti-racist professional development initiatives aimed at enhancing teachers’ abilities to foster more inclusive practices. The district is proactively raising awareness about issues such as implicit bias within the classroom and during
the hiring process. Additionally, we are conducting a comprehensive analysis of student outcome data, discerning trends and patterns to drive meaningful improvements in student achievements. Our utmost commitment is to create a faculty that is culturally diverse and embraces pluralism.
We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all members of our learning community can thrive, feeling safe, supported, and accomplished in their endeavors.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to Belmont?
We post open positions on School Spring as they open throughout the year, but especially in the months of April to August.



Office of Human Capital (OHC) Employment Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to building a culturally diverse and pluralistic faculty committed to educating and working in a multicultural environment where all members of our learning community can feel safe, supported, and successful in their work.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

It is the policy of the Belmont Public Schools to afford equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, military status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender, except where age or sex is a bona fide occupational qualification as allowed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

● Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

● Both traditional education candidates and non-traditional candidates, i.e., proven professionals from the business, government (city, state, federal), and non-profit sectors, will be considered.