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Milton Public Schools

Student Enrollment: 4490
Staff Employment: 500
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: 30-40
Approximate number of paraprofessionals/instructional aides hired annually: 15
Accessible via public transportation or commuter rail?
Residents have quick access to major highways such as Routes 128, Interstate 93 and Interstate 95. The Red Line into Boston via the Mattapan Trolley it also available.

Zakia Jarrett
Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

The Milton Public Schools serves just over 4,000 students in four elementary schools- Collicot Elementary School, Cunningham Elementary School, Glover Elementary School, and the Tucker Elementary School; one middle school- the Pierce Middle School; and one high school- Milton High School.
The Milton Public Schools offers two unique programs to students beginning in Grade 1.

  • The English Innovation Pathway engages students in solving real world problems using Lego Engineering Curriculum developed at Tufts University and Project Lead the Way. As students in this program make their way through the elementary grades, they gain critical engineering knowledge, skills, and habits of mind. Students who choose the English Innovation Pathway take Spanish at the elementary level and then choose Latin or Spanish at the middle school.
  • The French Immersion Program begins with full French immersion in Grade 1. All subjects except specials are taught in French 100% of the time in Grades 1 and 2, 50% of the curriculum is taught in French in Grades 3 and 4, and 30% of the curriculum is taught in French in Grade 5. French language instruction continues through middle school and into high school, as do other world languages.

The Milton Public Schools also prides itself on strong performing and visual arts programming, competitive athletic teams, and rich extracurricular experiences. Our students have been recognized at the local, state, and national levels in a number of areas. Finally, the Milton Public Schools is dedicated to supporting overall wellness and the social, emotional, and positive behavioral health of our students and does so through skills-based instruction, supportive networks for students, and partnerships with families and outside organizations.

Q. What is the mission of Milton Public Schools?
We, the Milton Public Schools, envision a district with excellent instruction in every classroom, where learning experiences are aligned with students’ individual strengths and needs, and where attention to academic and social emotional growth are balanced so that every child achieves at high levels and develops a strong sense of self. We see a district of intellectual discourse and professional learning at all levels- students, faculty, and administration- in which there are structures and processes for continual reflection, innovation, and data driven decision-making. We know that such a district is achievable if: we facilitate instruction that instills a passion for learning, curiosity, and critical thinking skills; we are committed to cultural competency; we foster a positive approach to the behavioral health of children; and we build strong partnerships with families and the community.

Q. What is it like to work and/or live in Milton?
Milton is a contemporary suburban community in eastern Massachusetts that prides itself on a rich historical heritage, tree-lined streets, and acres of protected open space.  Milton is unique in that it has the most privately and publicly conserved land within 20 miles of Boston, giving the town a bucolic atmosphere in close proximity to the cultural and business opportunities in the Greater Boston area.

Q. Where kind of supports does Milton offer new teachers?
The Milton Public Schools highly values the contribution, energy, and dedication that new teachers bring to the district.  That said, we also understand that successful transitions for teachers new to a district and/or teaching in general are marked by a robust support system.  All teachers new to the Milton Public Schools are matched with a mentor.  Mentor leaders, formally trained in effective mentoring programs, have created a rich system of support for new teachers.  Support is a combination of mentoring activities as well as more formal training.  These mentoring activities extend into the second and third years of teaching with an increased focus on pedagogical content knowledge and developing teacher leadership.

Q. What general attributes does Milton seek in new teachers?
First and foremost, we seek candidates who are dedicated to culturally responsive and reflective practice.  We are a community of adult learners dedicated to the success of each and every child and diligently work to achieve that success through research-based, data driven culturally competent practice and rich partnerships with families.  We seek candidates who are committed to the same.

Q. How does Milton demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?
We have worked toward diversifying our teaching staff in many ways including partnering with higher education institutions, fostering the growth of staff affinity groups, crafting exit surveys to better understand the experiences of teacher of color, training leaders on specific hiring strategies that will support diversifying staff, and reporting annually to the MPS School Committee on progress toward the goal of a staff that is reflective of the diversity of the district’s student population.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to Milton?
Consider our firm commitment to excellence to all students and the diligence and reflective practice that realizing that goal will take.  If you are willing to work effortlessly on behalf of children, we very much want you to be a part of our already incredible team of educators.