Arlington Public Schools

Margaret Credle Thomas, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Robert Spiegel, Human Resources Director
Weslie Etienne Pierre, Director of Communications and Family Engagement
869 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476


Student Enrollment: 6000
Staff Employment: 1200
Approximate number of teachers hired annually: Varies, 75-80

Approximate number of paraprofessionals/instructional aides hired annually: Varies, 50-75

Available via public transit?  Some of our schools are on bus lines, which can be accessed from the Alewife or Porter Square Stations on the Red Line.

Margaret Credle Thomas, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Robert Spiegel, Human Resources Director
Weslie Etienne Pierre, Director of Communications and Family Engagement

One Inclusive Preschool
Seven Elementary Schools
One Grade 6 Middle School
One Grade 7-8 Middle School
One High School


Arlington has adopted a new Vision and Mission and Strategic Plan.

● Vision Statement

The vision of the Arlington Public Schools is to be an equitable educational community where all learners feel a sense of belonging, experience growth and joy, and are empowered to shape their own futures and contribute to a better world.

● Mission Statement

The Arlington Public Schools focuses on the whole child to create inclusive and innovative learning opportunities for all students, values diverse identities and ways of learning, prepares all staff to maintain high expectations while providing necessary supports, and sustains collaborative partnerships with families and the community.

● Strategic Priorities

○ Ensuring Equity and Excellence

The Arlington Public Schools will ensure equity, excellence, and access to rigorous learning experiences for all students. All graduates will be prepared to achieve their choices of post-secondary education, career, and community contribution.

○ Valuing All Staff

The Arlington Public Schools will recruit and retain an excellent and diverse workforce by creating a collaborative and supportive culture for all staff; providing high-quality and relevant professional development; expanding opportunities for leadership and shared decision-making; and prioritizing representation, diverse perspectives, and expertise.

○ Improving Infrastructure, Operations, and Sustainability

The Arlington Public Schools will maintain a system of schools that is safe, well-maintained, sustainable, and fiscally responsible, with the appropriate tools and resources to support best educational practices and an optimum teaching and learning environment.

○ Sustaining Collaborative Partnerships

The Arlington Public Schools will partner collaboratively with families in meeting the educational needs of all students; facilitate consistent two-way communication; and provide timely, transparent, relevant, and accessible information to all stakeholders.

Q. What is it like to teach at Arlington?

Arlington is an active, engaged community. Many residents are engaged in Town committees and organizations. The schools are well supported by parent-teacher organizations and the Arlington Education Foundation, which awards grants to fund new initiatives at all levels of Arlington Public Schools – Menotomy Preschool, all seven elementary Schools, the Gibbs School, Ottoson Middle School and Arlington High School.It is a walkable, bikeable community. The town is bordered on the north by Winchester, on the east by Medford and Somerville, on the south by Cambridge and Belmont and on the west by Lexington.

Q. What kind of support does Arlington offer new teachers?
Arlington has a robust mentoring program for new teachers. Principals have monthly meetings with new teachers.

Q. What general attributes does Arlington seek in new teachers?
We look for collaborative professionals who are interested in growing in their practice.

Q. How does Arlington demonstrate that it is committed to teacher diversity?
As demonstrated by our District Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities, Equity is embedded in everything we do.

Q. Any tips for teachers who are interested in applying to Arlington?
Demonstrate that you want to work with ALL children. Demonstrate that commitment to inclusive, equitable education where all students can have a sense of belonging. Be prepared to answer questions about your experiences that demonstrate this commitment. Have strong content knowledge for whatever subject you are teaching.